Discovering the Beauty and Joy of Family Life


Hi There! Step inside A House Named Joy and make yourself at home.

My name is Grace, and I’ve spent the last nine years at home with my four lively children, slowly learning to manage a home, discovering my identity as a mother, and realising the beauty and joy that can be found in family life.



What is it that makes a joyful family life?

For me, it is reading aloud with several little ones cuddled up by my side. The enjoyment of revisiting old favourites with each new child.

Treasuring those small moments in which my toddler and I quietly watch a blackbird from the window as it forages in the garden. Noticing how her simple joy in observation slows my own mind and opens my eyes to the everyday miracles of nature.

It is the first time I notice that a plant patiently tended has produced a harvest. Feeling that small thrill of accomplishment and satisfaction as I gather food for our table.

Anticipating our nightly ritual of a cup of tea on the couch, nestled up with my husband when the house is finally quiet. It’s finding the time at the end of another hectic day to light some candles, put on some jazz, and ignore the mess.

Searching for romance. Searching for beauty. Walking through these days with the awareness that I’m following in the footsteps of so many women before me, and seeking to help the women to come. It is the comfort of childhood nostalgia and dreams of what may be.

I hope I can share these things with you. By writing about my own experiences, of that steep learning curve in motherhood and homemaking, I hope to share a little joy in your life. I long to give you a small beam of hope on those tough days that we all struggle though as parents.


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  1. Your site is welcoming and attractively designed.

    1. Thank you!

  2. Victoria A Calleja says: Reply

    Your new website is beautiful. I look forward to following your journey and picking up some helpful hints along the way. Great layout and beautiful photography.

    1. Thank you so much, Victoria! I’m glad you like it.

  3. What beautiful children you have 🙂

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